THE BARBERY is a small business totally dependent on the loyalty and word of mouth of our wonderful male customers. Thank you for honoring us with your business.

DISCOVERY A place for men that specializes in the art of men’s haircuts, beards, mustaches and spa treatments. A place where a man can relax and be treated to a unique grooming experience. The Barbery provides the perfect male environment with cutting edge services and products. They have many services to chose from long and short haircuts while using shears or clippers. Also straight razor shaves, scalp massages, facial treatments, and waxing. Their added specialty is called a Groom’s Crew Event. These packages are private gatherings designed for the groom and his wedding party to look their best for that memorable day. They do it all while the client relaxes in a traditional barber chair. Their goal is to bring back the tonsorial arts to today’s men. Most men have never had the opportunity to experience such a rich history of pampering.

WELCOME and enjoy the experience.